Rotary tiller has a strong ability of cutting and crushing soil, which can achieve the crushing soil effect that can be achieved only by several times of general plough and harrow operation. Besides, the surface is flat and soft after rotary tilling, which can meet the requirements of intensive tillage. The use of rotary tiller can effectively shorten the working time, to rob the soil moisture and drought resistance, since then has become a symbol of modern agriculture.

The style of rotary tiller is not invariable. The development of rotary tiller is accompanied by the improvement of technology, and with each breakthrough technological innovation, the rotary tiller is promoted and applied in a wider range.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Japanese introduced the upland rotary tiller from Europe, and after a lot of experiments and research work, successfully developed a scimitar suitable for the local requirements of paddy farming, which solved the problem of the blade and the blade shaft. After the second world war, the new rotary tiller was rapidly popularized in Japan, and the Japanese agriculture developed rapidly. About half of China’s arable land is paddy field, and Japan’s successful experience in developing a new type of rotary tiller and using it in a wide range is a good reference for China.

China’s research on rotary tiller began in the late 1950s. At that time, the main research and development and walking tractor supporting the use of rotary tiller, and later developed and medium-sized wheeled tractor supporting the rotary tiller. In the early 1970s, China finally completed the design of a series of rotary tiller matching with various domestic tractors at that time.

The development of rotary tiller in China has gone through three stages: single machine development, series product development, new product development and replacement. With the development of modern planting and tillage agronomy, on the basis of rotary tiller, a multi-purpose combined compound operating machine has been produced. The new series rotary tiller adopts the new rotary tiller, which combines the reasonable speed parameters, width and multiple operation functions to meet the requirements of different tillage USES and agronomy. The new self-propelled driven rotary tiller can strengthen the soil tillage process and meet different soil types under different conditions. A single tillage operation can be combined with its own power drive. No traction power is needed in the operation, which reduces the power consumption and makes it more energy saving and environmental friendly.

Post time: Apr-27-2020